After the fall of the Colecovision in 1984, several clones have entered the market. There is little information available about the clones, so here is what i was able to dig up:

Bit Corporation - ILO 90
Developed in 1984, this computer was apparently never distributed via an official circuits in the west. Very largely inspired of the design and the hardware of Sega SC-3000. It is rumoured to be compatible with this system as well.

Hanimex Pencil II
The Hanixmex company, known for its pong clones, developed this obscure machine in 1984. The machine can, thanks to an extension, use the Colecovision cartridges.

This is a Brazilian clone manufactured by a Brazillian telephone compant (Splice). It is rumoured that an 2600 adapter was also developed for this system.

ColecoVision Extension for the Spectravideo SVI-603
This is not a stand-alone system, but an extension intended for Spectravision 318 and 328 consoles.

Thanks to: ColecOric